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Coven Invite: Aries New Moon Eclipse Circle for our Warrior Selves

When have you been your most warrior self?

By Risa Dickens, Amy Torok,

Apr 5, 2024
1 min read
Untitled by Jen Ray

In our book, New Moon Magic: 13 Tools for Resistance and Re-enchantment, we write about warriors and resistance fighters under the Aries New Moon, and we write about the sharp tools of magic and witchcraft and how they are used to pierce the veil and weave our will into the world. 

Let's come together on this potent eclipse day to remember, channel, and share stories of our warrior selves and the resistance tales in our ancestry (chosen and inherited!) 

Things to simmer on or research beforehand:

Are there warriors or resistance stories from your family or background or chosen family?
When have you been your most warrior self? Can you remember what that felt like?
When have you called on your warrior self to cut through ties that bound you? 
When have you used sharp edges - literal like needles and knives or figurative like hard words - to craft your reality?
How do you access your sharp sides, warrior sides, resistor sides? 
How do you keep that side honed?

We'll do some free writing and some sharing. 

Also, we invite you to bring your sharp tools to bathe them in these stories. Maybe you have a knife you want to clean, anoint, hone or sharpen. 

Maybe you have knitting, embroidery needles, or crochet hooks you can bring and stitch some magic in. 

Maybe you want to practice drawing a really sharp cat's eyeliner, or show us a particularly healing tattoo!

Whatever this looks like for you, we can't wait to explore together.

Monday, Apr 8, 8:00 PM - 09:00 PM EDT


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