Not interviews or narrative story-telling, but meditations on a subject.

I Am Bijoux Kin Meditation

When we saw her picture on the adoption website, she looked crazed.  Wild-eyed.  Black waves spiking out in every direction. As we were told, she was found in a farmer’s field, her overgrown matted fur frozen. And imagine our surprise when we went to meet her for the first time, and

EP 142 – You Are Vixen Kin

New meditation episode for you, you cunning, magic, wily vixen you. For the femme in you that bites, we offer anti-capitalist motivational audio. Use it to gather your loves and to channel your resistance. You little vixen you Wily as… Cunning as. Hunted, trapped, biting back Sexy, wicked, smart, ma

You Are Horse Kin Meditation

“Horses have evolved as prey animals.” “Their instinctive flight response and much of their complex interaction within a herd have grown from this basic premise: escape or be eaten.”  They, like Ipsita Roy Chakraverti suggested of strong women and witches,  are hunted.  Don’t you feel


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