I Am Bijoux Kin Meditation

When we saw her picture on the adoption website, she looked crazed.  Wild-eyed.  Black waves spiking out in every direction. As we were told, she was found in a farmer’s field, her overgrown matted fur frozen. And imagine our surprise when we went to meet her for the first time, and

Amy Torok
Jun 6, 2022
4 min read

When we saw her picture on the adoption website, she looked crazed.  Wild-eyed.  Black waves spiking out in every direction.

As we were told, she was found in a farmer’s field, her overgrown matted fur frozen.

And imagine our surprise when we went to meet her for the first time, and a little long-legged show poodle trotted out gingerly from behind the counter.  We had chosen a name for her based on her picture – Cherry Garcia, sweet like ice cream but maybe one too many hits of acid in the 60s – but our psychic connection was immediate.  As if she was speaking English in my ear, I heard, “my name is Bijoux” (french for Jewels) and so it was.  Bijoux.  Bea was skittish, untrusting, and the shelter manager told me that only one staff member had been allowed to hold her… “Would you like to try?” she asked?  Bijoux lept into my arms, nuzzled in close and licked my face.  The SPCA staff were astounded.

Bea wasn’t fixed but her tail had been cut too short years before, botched, the vet told us.

Maybe she was abandoned or maybe she ran away.  Maybe it was all a terrible mix-up and the family who lost her gave up the search, despondent, and still miss her today.  I think a lot about Bea’s imaginary past.

But now, I am Bijoux’s Kin.

I have given her safe harbour, and in return, she is a fountain of joy and unconditional love.  Bea has taught me so much, so today, I’ll share her with you.

I am Bijoux Kin.

‘In the world of the occult, dogs are believed to bring positive energy, which witches can harness and use for protection. According to occult teachings, dogs have the ability to keep negative energy at bay. It’s because of these beliefs that dogs have come to work hand-in-hand with witches.’

Positive energy is a protection spell, a canine trait I aspire to.  Have you ever met a three-legged dog?  And did that three legged dog bemoan his fate, or did he run in new ways shouting as he sped past, “I’ve still got three good ones!!”?

Hekate had a black she-dog called Hecabe. The dog was the Trojan Queen Hekabe (Hecuba) who leapt into the sea after the fall of Troy and was transformed by a goddess then adopted by the sympathetic Hekate.  Witches and dogs make good teams.

Dogs operate in a different reality than we humans.  They can smell fear, money, even cancer and missing persons.  They know who and what has been here by the invisible trace they leave behind.

Scientists guess the dog’s sense of smell is somewhere between 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than ours.

I am Bijoux kin, acutely aware that there is more to be known than what meets the eye.  More in existence that we can see, but we can smell the changes in a shifting breeze.  Face to the sun and nose to the wind, Witches get information carried from miles away.

Bijoux reminds me every day of what is important in life. She is perfect love and perfect trust.  She encourages me to run and jump and laugh and play – to Get Outside, to stop and smell the … everything using all six senses to navigate her path.

I am Bijoux Kin.

She plays by the rules unless the rules don’t suit her.

I am Bijoux Kin.

She gets plenty of sleep, and drinks plenty of water.

She is connected to nature.

She has no shame around her body or mine.  She doesn’t care how I look, just that I’m there.  Just that I exist to be with her in this moment.

Bijoux voices her opinions but is also a great listener. She sets clear boundaries and does her best to respect the boundaries set by others, but she makes her own desires known with unwavering confidence.  As I write, she wedges herself between me and the sofaback, pressing against me, making a deal that we will protect each other.

She has taught me that if someone doesn’t want me around, I know there’s somebody else out there who does.  If I am lost, I can trust that I will be found.  I am Bijoux kin.  I was missing her and she sniffed me out.  Lept into my arms and licked my face.

Poodles are considered lucky dogs, particularly if you pet or scratch them before you leave the house. In some countries, the magical properties of a dog are determined by its colors: a golden colored dog is associated with prosperity, while a white pooch is associated with romance, and black dogs are symbols of protection of your hearth and home.

And protect she does – Bea protects me from dangers like Risa’s toddler, or the UPS guy, but she protects me too from a more pressing danger – to lose hope, or forget to laugh.  I am Bijoux Kin and I won’t go a day without dancing, running in a circle, or marveling at the world around me.

I am Bijoux kin.  I protect and in return am protected.

When Odysesus returned home, in disguise, after a 20 year odyssey, his dog Argo was the only one who recognized him.

I am Bijoux Kin, and I will be recognized.

I play by the rules unless the rules don’t suit me.

I get plenty of sleep, and drink plenty of water.

I am connected to nature.

I can smell fear.

I have no shame around my body.

I exist to be in this moment.

I am Bijoux Kin, and if I am lost, I trust I will be found, loved and protected.

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