THANKS, Help, and šŸŽƒ Highlights from your Coven

Here's to the season. šŸ‘¾

By Risa Dickens, Amy Torok,

Oct 10, 2023
2 min read
Pumpkins by May, Marc and Risa.

Oh, sweet newsletter covenmates! It's been a minute!

Each Fall and Spring, we melt and change shape and dive all the way into the stories we've been missing. We research, write, interview, and edit audio to produce a new Missing Witches Podcast season and this is really only possible thanks to the collective support of our members, especially our Community Support members, you are our beating heart ā¤ļø.

We're almost halfway through our 2023 Fall season. We've spent loving time with The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Sister Roma, Mary Oliver, the co-authors of Poetry As Spellcasting, Mary Ellen Pleasant, and we have 7 more stories to go.

Once this season wraps, with our annual Samhain special, we're excited to go back to making the weekly MW Rx. Until then, you can expect our newsletter to be no less heartfelt for being more erratic while we let ourselves focus on the long-form episodes of the podcast. Meanwhile, we're still here, and you're here! That's the best. We're SO excited to see you in upcoming circles.

Speaking of upcoming circles, we have a virtual event this Saturday and we'd just love it if you could come...

Cover of the New Moon Magic book with its purple moons. Next to a screenshot from a Missing Witches zoom circle with multiple screens of people smiling or covering their faces with family pictures or personal talismans. Text says Witch and Sitch and Celebrate.

New Moon Circle Saturday, Oct 14th.

Virtual Witch and Stitch + Book Party (free)

This October, we're sharing some of the magic of our coven with the public. For our virtual book launch party for New Moon Magic, Missing Witches is hosting a New Moon Zoom Witch and Stitch in collaboration with a few brilliant mission-aligned bookstores from across North America. We really hope you'll join us!

Help for New Moon Magic

If you've already checked out our book New Moon Magic, we could use your help.

Your reviews make the difference between books slipping quietly into the murk, or getting found instead by the people who are looking for them. And they help us learn about what we're doing and how to maybe do it better.

So please, share your thoughts wherever you go to find and share book reviews! We can't wait to read them. And THANKS in advance, and THANK YOU INFINITELY to those who have already.

Good Reads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

4 panel showing the words TV witches and pictures of Myrtle Snow - AHS. Lafayette - True Blood. The Log Lady - Twin Peaks.

Lastly, There's an excellent rainy day list of our favourite covens and witches from TV and movies happening at this Missing Witches IG post. Get in on it.

And that's it! Thanks for being here, and thanks for understanding when we need to melt and let ourselves take new shapes. Here's to the season. šŸŽƒ



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