The halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

EP 77 Imbolc 2021: Astrology w/ Monefa Walker + Eliza Robertson

For this year’s Imbolc Special, we reached for the stars and invited astrologers Monefa Walker from Sekhmet’s Visions and Eliza Robertson from Kosmic Tonic to help us understand how the movements of the planets inform our lives. Monefa revisits her predictions for 2020, gives us some new


Imbolc Special 2020!! Decolonizing Love with Chelsea A. Hamlet

To me, Imbolc is about questioning old patterns before we take new steps or make new plans.  It’s about examining the status quo to make sure we don’t bring old unnecessary baggage with us into spring.  So since Imbolc falls just a couple weeks before Valentine’s Day, I thought we’d take t


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