What begins when life ends.

EP 171 Samhain 2022 – Grief is a Dancer, a Teacher. Grief is Spiralling, it is The Depth Of Me. samhain 2022 guests death doulas death workers

This Samhain, we’re joined by four death workers: Chrystal Waban Toop (Blackbird Medicines), Loretta Ledesma (The Death Witch), Carla Torres (A Venerated Death), and Angela Alberto (Heartwise Woman) to talk about grief, mortality, our ancestors, our heritage, our ability to love, and What make

EP 138 – Beltane Special and FUNDRAISER 2022: Kinship with Margaret Robinson PhD, Granddaughter Crow, Dr. Zoe Todd and Chrystal Toop

UPDATE: RESULTS – Our annual fundraiser for Native Women’s Shelters is now officially closed!! Together, the Missing Witches coven returned $5468.18 to our local indigenous support orgs! Over $3000 of which went directly to the Native Women’s Shelter of Montréal!! Thanks and see you next year!


Witches Found: Vanessa – For Me, Death is a Passage

OOPS HERE’S PART 2 ART WITCH ACADEMY dans mon crâne dans mon crâne on instagram Private Kenneth Duncanson:


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