This New Moon, Try To Altar Everything

Invitations for the New Moon in Virgo

By Risa Dickens, Amy Torok,

Sep 9, 2023
3 min read
Photo by Luz Mendoza

This week we slip into the darkness of the New Moon in Virgo and for us, it's an invitation to follow Genesis P-orridge's call to "Try to Altar Everything." Disrupt controlling systems everywhere we feel their weight. Make new. Honour the impossible, and miraculous. Even tiny changes can make rippling magic.

As Amy wrote in our new book, New Moon Magic: 13 Anti-Capitalist Tools for Resistance and Re-enchantment (coming out Sept 12th AHHHH!)

Regardless of whether those who choose to demean us Witches want to accept it or not, almost every aspect of all our lives is a ritual—a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order to achieve a certain result. Science calls this methodology; psychologists and philosophers are concerned with the study of habits. For Witches, rituals and ceremonies are a means of enchantment, bringing magic to the mundane, a means to short-circuit control.

Speaking of enchanting rituals, we're celebrating the strange fact that we have conjured this book of anti-capitalist magic into the world and we'd love for you to join us:

VIRTUAL EVENT:  Mabon Magic w/ Missing Witches + HAUSWITCH SEP 21

Hosted by HausWitch: Step through the Equinox portal with us!  We'll read a few short excerpts from the Mabon chapter of “Missing Witches” and from the New Moon in Virgo chapter of “New Moon Magic.” We'll interview each other about some of the stories and ideas in those chapters and invite you to join in the conversation and collective ritual as well.

MONTREAL Launch Party and Witch + Stitch at De Still! Sept 30th.

Music, reading, chats, white wine, crafts! (Pre-order from De Stiil!)

VIRTUAL Book Launch and Witch + Stitch! Oct 14th.

We've collaborated with a web of mission-aligned indie bookstores to throw open the doors on our monthly coven gatherings and throw a grand New Moon Virtual Communal Witch + Stitch to bring our communities together!! (Find out more about our BADASS bookstore partners and RSVP here.)

BTW, we LOVE indies, but pre-orders from ANY retailer help SO MUCH and we cast zero judgment on wherever, however, you get your hands on this magic.

Apparently Barnes and Noble gives 25% off preorders when you use PREORDER25 code at checkout ✌️👍 🤷‍♀️

New on Missing Witches

Listen to excerpts from the New Moon Magic Audiobook

Yep, our new book New Moon Magic will also be available as an audiobook this week (audible, kobo,, audiobooks now, etc.) We recorded it at a studio here in MTL and we're excited to share it, we've been sharing short excerpts on the podcast recently while we work on our scripts for the new season. If you'd like to check them all out we've gathered them together for you here!

Coven News

September New Moon Zoom

The invitation in our new book "New Moon Magic" for this Virgo New Moon is to short-circuit the systems of control and "try to Altar everything." So let's celebrate our new book baby a bit, make an altar out of our nervousness and excitement, and also let's come together to ask:

What tables and scripts and switches are you flipping? Where can we bring new tactics to old habits to provoke tiny changes in our perspectives? How are we adding new facets to our identities? Can we make these small disruptions a means of conjuring the possible?

As usual, attendees are invited to spiral wildly from this starting point =)

Love you soon!

PS - If this might be your first time attending, check out this post we wrote on what to expect.

Collective Action Corner

Vote for Blackbird Medicines.

Our beloved covenmate Chrystal Toop is a semi-finalist in Pow Wow Pitch and she needs and deserves all our votes! Chrystal is the Founder of Blackbird Medicines, a professional community practice providing access to medicine wheel wellness and healing through cultural education, ceremony, and storytelling. She's been on the Missing Witches Podcast three times (so far =) so you can spend some time learning from this wise, funny, caring, magical person here, here, and here.

Coven Offerings

You're invited to join a Missing Witches Coven writing circle.

Bring your poems, essays, stories, spells, etc., and let's work on our word craft together!

Date and time: Mon, Sep 25 2023   7:30 PM - 9:00 PM EDT

This event is happening virtually through the Missing Witches Circle. If you are a paying member of the coven then you are entitled to access this magical space. If you are not already logged in you should be able to just reset your password at the link below. If it gives you trouble, just email us and we'll help you out with great pleasure!

Thanks for your patience as we try to rally the courage to promote our new book. We can't wait to be back to sharing new podcast episodes with you soon!

Blessed Fucking BE!

Risa + Amy

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