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Well it’s official, we’ve joined the ranks of many of our podcasting peers over on TeePublic! We wanted an ethical way to make it easy for our beautiful coven of listeners to get your hands on Missing Witches gear (sweatshirts! mugs! notebooks!) TeePublic reached out to us and answered a


Missing Witches Patreon

We are on Patreon! If you’re thinking about becoming a patron you should know: We’re so excited for you to join us and to get to know each other better! And we’re excited to shower our coven with magic and gifts! In case you’re wondering: We buy tons of books during the research pr


Missing Witches was a Finalist in the 2018 Discover Pods Awards!

Missing Witches was nominated for the People’s Choice Award and for the Best History Podcast! We don’t even know how this happened but it’s been incredibly exciting and validating and emotional to find out that people are enjoying this beloved bizarro product of two women digging f


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